The Faces Behind Polka Dot & Not

Featuring Sisters Photo

We are two sisters, who share a remarkable lineage that ties us together no matter how different our lives may become. Our past has shaped and guided each of us on our individual journey.

Maggie Marie

Always searching for the “real” in all aspects of life, I wanted to find someone to start a family with and create a close-knit environment where home meant peace and where everyone felted loved.  I found comfort in knowing I had a small group of real friends and real relationships with my family.

I am the daughter of generations of powerful women with amazing gifts. These were the women who walked the Blue Ridge Mountains, with no shoes, to find plants that would heal the body and free the mind. My great-great grandmother survived breast cancer in a time of no modern medicine and with only her community of medicine women to help heal her. I can feel the energy and love of my ancestors. I have learned to accept and listen to my gut feeling and make decisions by what gives me peace.

I live life with a responsibility to the next generation. It’s important for me to find products with safe, natural ingredients and meals made with real, natural food. I live on a farm that was built by my husband’s great grandfather and has only ever been occupied by his family. I feel comfort in knowing that the same place we have our enormous family garden is the same place his grandmother gardened during the Great Depression, feeding her family of 10. My four kids spend as much time out in nature as possible and spend the summer days grounding their bare feet into the earth’s soil. 

I have four crazy, inspiring, exhausting, amazing kids who keep me feeling the mommy guilt at every corner. But I do the best I can to avoid the “mom shaming” culture we live in. I just hope that the decisions I make as a parent molds my kids into good people and then hope and pray that the mistakes I make builds their character! I want to build family traditions so that when they are grown and come back home, they can walk in and be reminded of the peace and love they had growing up.

Vivian Grace

Have you ever heard the song by the Dixie Chicks, “Ready to Run?” Well, that is how it started.  I felt the wind blowing through my hair and I was more than ready to run when I met a boy, THE boy, who had that look in his eye. I bought a ticket to anywhere and hit the ground running, I haven’t stopped since.

I am the daughter of generations of hard working women, who walked the Blue Ridge Mountains with no shoes and a baby on her hip, yet managed to take jobs during WWII and never left them after the boys came home.  From a very young age, I knew I could have it all, be it all, and do it all.  I was raised being told, “You can grow up to be the President.” Although I never had that much ambition, and I’m sure far too many skeletons in my closet, I did grow up knowing hard work and determination would get me anything I wanted…which, when I was younger, mostly meant getting the Barbie Dream House and pink convertible. Today, that means having a balanced work-family-social life, as well as a perfectly curated wardrobe. I am not going to tell you that I have it all figured out, I don’t, but if you need someone to Lean In, bring cupcakes to the preschool fundraiser, and host game night, I am your lady. As long as you don’t notice I’m leaning in because I am probably about to fall asleep, the cupcakes are from Kroger and I have no idea what is in them or if they were made on machinery that used peanuts, and game night is a stack of games I’m told were rated highly on Amazon.

I have one beautiful little boy, who makes me laugh daily and engages me in very deep conversations; like “Mommy, did you know when Lauren (his apparent girlfriend) talks to me at school, she gives me a headache.” Yep, it starts young, folks. I live daily with mommy guilt as I take my son to daycare/school/sport activates knowing it is seen as employing a vast number of people to help raise my child. But I remind myself, that it takes a village and I am giving my child opportunities I never had.  Because when it all boils down, I am simply searching for the good life.


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