An Annual Tradition

We have an annual tradition in our family.  We ALWAYS meet at our Aunt Cinderella’s ( we will explain later) for the 4th of July.

 This year the VG family almost did not make it because, really, who puts a holiday on a Tuesday? But with a last minute change of plans we were able make it home to the family for the holiday.

Our holidays at home tend to follow a set schedule. There is;

Lots of packing

Who knew a 2 hour trip up north needed so much gear. I am pretty impressed by my truck space though.



We pulled off a pretty decent spread. Even had this hamburger cake that was so sweet even the kids only had small bites and were done. But, this is the 2nd year we got this cake so its becoming tradition too. In case you want one too… it’s a Meijer.


Time on the lake


The boys did not love the boat at first… but it grew on them once they found out that is the only way to get to the sand bar in the middle of the lake!

A stop at the Sweet Shop that matters

Seriously, we judge all other chocolate shops based on this one. Maybe because it’s our home town, maybe because its just that good. We will never really know. But no trip home is complete with out a stop here.

 Family bonding

Welcome to the new family bonding.  Wall-E is really only a few years away. I cant wait for my hover chair.


In the city, they set fireworks off over a mall. You watch from a parking lot.  Nope, not the way we were raised. We go home every year so we can watch the fireworks over the lake. This is the only way to really appreciate them.

And of course, souvenirs

IMG_3749So, we found these Pioneer Women cups on a deep clearance at the Walmart. Vivian insisted we each get one.  Yet, she was the only one who actually took it every where with her over the weekend.  Looking a little bit like Uncle Si;


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