A night out

IMG_3785One of the best parts of living in a city is that we have access to a variety of activities. One of these was a summer concert.
My husband is a die hard Third Eye Blind fan. So when he found out they were touring and coming to our area, he had to by tickets.  VIP tickets.

The venue was the DTE Music Theater and it was my first time going.  It’s a beautiful outdoor theater surrounded by stunning natural landscaping, and a few man made waterfalls.


Part of our VIP package was that we got to go early and watch sound check. I didn’t get any photos because we were not allowed too. Sound check was a very cool experience because we got to hear them discussing and working on their next album. Seriously, it was cool.

After sound check we got to meet the two original members of the band and get a photo.  My husband was so star struck that when Stephan Jenkins asked him about his hat, a surfing hat, and what that company did, he replied “uh, we surf!”.  He was so arrogant about how he said it, we both kinda froze after.  But Stephan was quick with a recovery and just smiled and said, “Ok, cool” and we all moved on for the photo and a quick autograph.


We were dying at this point. It was so hot!
Look at the size of that crowd.  I’m told it was about 20,000


When the sun finally went down it was show time.  This was the bands 20th anniversary of their first album. As tribute, they played the whole album front to back. tebIt was a great show! At a great Venue.  We’re in concert mode now and will be stalking ticket master for more shows.

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