Mabel’s Closet

There was nothing more exciting to me than when I found out that I was getting a little girl to dress.  When I was little I remember my grandma designing and sewing me amazing “twirling” dresses. I loved watching her sew and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up! I also remember my Grandpa Earl bringing me to the store every Easter to pick out the most beautiful yellow dresses.   I just loved dressing up and now I love dressing up my little Mabel Louise.

Mabel LOVES being dressed up. She goes to her closet each morning and picks out what she wants to wear. I will do her hair and she will say “Oooo, cute Mama!”

We love unique pieces. Since having a little girl, my eyes have been opened to all the really amazing boutique brands.  I love finding homemade dresses and companies that have been grown from the ground up by strong creative women. 

I decided to give you a look into Mabel’s Closet and some of our favorite pieces.  I will be adding to her closet and sharing what I am learning about the fun boutique brands for little girls!

My favorite brands so far:

 Matilda Jane

This is my all time favorite brand. Honestly, I probably have more then we need of this brand. I love how their tags are secured with a safety pin and people keep them as though they are pieces of art, and really they are. Each season pieces are released and once they sell out or the season ends you can no longer buy them. In order to buy new Matilda Jane, you have to buy it through a “Trunk Keeper” and I have been very blessed to find a local trunk keeper. She also owns a consignment boutique store called Thimbleberry Kids. She not only sells new Matilda Jane but also “previously adored pieces”, as I like to call them.  I have also found many pieces on Facebook groups for good prices, however I can get them brand new on sale from my new favorite consignment boutique, so of course that’s what I would rather do.

One of my favorite things about Matilda Jane is that it will last a really long time if you take care of it.  Its pricey as you can still pay 35+ dollars for a used dress, however the way that it is constructed it will grow with her. Right now Mabel is in size 2, so we buy the 2/4/6 size. Right now the dress will be a long maxi dress and as she grows it will turn into a shorter dress and then a tunic or shirt. The arms are made wide and the way the waste is constructed it grow with her.

Tea Collection

 This is one of my new adventures. I honestly loved Matilda Jane so much I really didn’t want to venture out, but I found a super cute dress and decided to learn more about this brand. My boutique lady gave me some info and away I went. These outfits (most) are similar in price to Matilda Jane but what I can see a little less funky then most MJ. However, one of the cool things is these pieces actually gain interest as they get faded. My lady told me that moms come in specifically looking for more faded and vintage looking pieces from this collection.  These are not “spaghetti dinner night” types of dresses! Keep them stain free and you will be able to sell for a decent price after you are done adoring them.  This is a brand you will not likely find in a department store, they are going to be sold in a boutique that is locally owned. In my eye that’s a win win! Let’s support local!

Monday’s outfit

This outfit she has on is one of my favorites. She has actually already been wearing this piece for almost a year (she is 2).  She has a pair of light pink MJ ruffle pants under and her MJ Saffron top (which we are still using as a dress).  From what my trunk keeper has told me, it can last up to 6 year (dress to a tunic to a shirt)!  Not too shabby for the $30.00 I paid for it!  I bought both the pants and dress used on Facebook from two separate people. Her shoes are Livie & Luca and of course her hair is in my favorite little piggy tails!

Tuesday outfit
(which happens to be the Fourth of July!)

She is wearing a handmade tutu dress and headband made by my mother. It is a triple layered red, white and blue tutu!  She had people stopping and taking pictures of her. She bounced around all day in her pretty little tutu! She even wore it later when we stopped by the splash pad to cool off!

Wednesday’s outfit

Don’t mind my dirty floor! I live in an old farm house and that, my friend, is as clean as it gets! I know what you are thinking, “This is the third day and every picture she has her head down.”  I am trying as hard as I can to not show her face, as my husband is uncomfortable with her beautiful face being out in cyber world. Anyway, this little dress is so cute in person. The arms are big around and the waste is high, so although this is not a Matilda Jane dress I am hoping it will last a long time. It is a size 2/3.  This dress we picked up at TJ Maxx for $14.99. It’s say compared at $49.99 The brand name is cutie couture. I looked up this brand on the web, super cute stuff! 

Thursday’s outfit

Off to the sand dunes we go! We are very blessed to only live 45 miles from one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We try to make at least one trip to the Sleeping Bear National Forest. The outlooks over Lake Michigan are amazing and they have an awesome dune climb that the whole family loves. Believe it or not, I climbed this huge hill 9 months pregnant with my last baby and Mabel was only 2 weeks old at her first visit!  Since this is really not a boutique clothing type of activity, we dug into our play clothes pile and pulled out this super cute jumper made by Carters. And yes, again she has cute pig tails!  Mabel is ready to climb with her water and her frozen purse around her shoulders! 

Mabel climbed ALL the way to the top TWICE. AMAZING!
(it REALLY is a climb… believe me it’s hard)

Friday’s outfit

Today we are walking down by the lake in my hometown. Mable picked out this beauty to wear today. This outfit is from this summer’s collection of Matilda Jane. I have been eyeing this one for MONTHS now, but my budget said harshly NO! You cannot buy  another MJ outfit! However, when I saw my trunk keeper post that the summer line was all 40% off, I couldn’t resist going in and blowing my budget for the week (oops).  Mabel loves this color because whenever it is in her line of sight she asks me to put it on!  It is called “Swinging Away Dress” originally its $48.00, but I only paid $24.00. Since its 2/4/6 size I am hoping to get a lot of wear out of it!  Although, you can’t see under her dress she has a pair of “Capture the flag” shorties.

These shorties are SOOOOOOooooOOOOo adorable! Originally they are $32.00 but I only paid $19.20.  Unfortunately, she went down the slide and there was something on it and they are sitting in stain remover to see if we can get them clean! (Fingers crossed) Really, if they come out a little dingy I am okay with it. I just won’t be able to get anything out of them when we are done adoring them. I paired this outfit with a cute yellow strap Sandal from Old Navy. 

Saturday’s outfit

Today Mabel picked this beauty from “Tea” and we are matching it up with these knee high socks. Today is rainy and a little chilly outside.  The lighting is a little funky in my farmhouse kitchen, mostly because it’s gloomy outside but this sweet dress is a really pretty yellow color with pink flower petals. It is so beautiful in person. I found this little dress at a downtown boutique called Sweet Pea. Finally, I found a place around me that carries the Tea Collection! This little dress was an end of season sale and was 40% off, and since I was going in there to buy a dress with the excuse that “I was going to blog about it”, it was a WIN WIN… 40% off…. And it’s yellow…. YUP, ILL TAKE IT!  I matched these thigh highs with it and out the door I went! I paid $8.95 for the socks and the dress was $24.00 after the sale price. I happened to have a gift certificate for a downtown business so I used that and ended up not having to pay anything!

Sunday’s outfit

I totally forgot to get a picture today, but this is the dress Mabel picked out today. Another one I will add to my favorites. It is Matilda Jane and it’s the “Vanilla Swirl Dress”.  It was originally $48.00, but this was another one I added to my collection when my Trunk Keeper had her end of the season sale. I paid  $28.80 for it. It is 2/4/6 which means we will be able to adore it for a loooong time.
Hopefully 4-6 years!

Keep watching for more posts from Mabel’s Closet! We have so many more beautiful pieces to show you and we are having fun exploring this fun dress up adventure!

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