For years now I have been studying the idea of “Earthing” or “Grounding”. There is a reason that when I look at pictures of my ancestors, they are barefoot. In my favorite picture of my great great grandmother, Vienna Blevens, she is standing barefoot in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains.  I remember sitting with my grandma and looking through her pictures.  When I came across this picture, I was totally fascinated by it. There was just something about this picture that drew me in. I could almost feel her strong energy radiating off the picture.  She was the real medicine woman you heard stories about. She healed herself of breast cancer long before any modern technology or medicine.   She knew how to listen to her body and knew that nature had everything our bodies need to thrive and heal itself. I just LOVED sitting around the table with my Aunt Mary (my grandmother’s sister) and my grandma  listening to the stories.  They would talk about Grandma Blevins teaching them to churn butter and spin cotton.  I remember telling my Aunt how fascinated I was with great-great grandma Blevens when she responded by telling me that I had always reminded her of  grandma Blevins She said we were “like spirited”.

Ever since seeing this picture I have been enticed to research the idea of being barefoot.  Because if she was doing it, there must be a benefit to it.  Sure enough, I came across the idea of grounding. There are the obvious things we get from nature such as water and food, but did you know that even the soil can heal your body? We are being exposed to electrons all day every day. There are things that give off positive electrons and things that give off negative electrons and we need to try to balance these.  When our bodies get over loaded it can affect us with low energy, trouble sleeping, not being able to focus and it can even create an environment in our bodies where cancers can thrive. Things like Wifi’ signals and cell phones give off positive electrons and our bodies are being exposed to this all day, everyday everywhere we go. The Earth gives off negative electrons and can help balance out those positive electrons that bog us down. Spending time letting ourselves be in nature is so important to balance out the natural energy we have flowing through our bodies. In my research, I read that when you stick your bare feet into the soil, your body picks up the electrons and natural energy the earth gives off.  The coolest thing I read was how what ever your body needs most is exactly where that energy attends to first.  You sleep better, have higher energy,  less stress and anxiety and most importantly yet, it can even help speed up your metabolism to help with weight loss! HOW COOL IS THAT?  Another amazing thing about grounding is it can actually be a pain reliever, helping with inflammatory.  I have read in several places you should ground yourself for at least 10-15 minutes every day.

Not only do we need this, but so do our kids! We are so obsessed with germs and keeping our kids clean that they are not getting time to just play. Its so important to let them go barefoot and ground their feet into the earth. The other day I was thinking about this when I noticed while sitting at the beach, that even while swimming we are putting swim shoes on our kids.  We need to let go and return to the simplicity of natural living.  It doesn’t surprise me that ADHD and ADD cases are rising and that our kids are having issues with behavior and concentration. We are filling their bodies with wifi signals and cell phone charges (positive electrons) but not giving them opportunity to balance out these with negative electrons.

I am going to make the commitment to see what benefits will come from grounding daily. Give it a try and see if it helps you and your family!





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