Mabel’s Closet: Sharing my obsession!


Guess what Mabel and I got to do today?

Well, let me tell ya, I got to bring her to our favorite Trunk Keeper at Thimbleberry Kids and buy my childhood best friend’s brand new daughter her first Matilda Jane Dress!

This is her first little girl so I packed her gift bag with a ton of girly items. I even packed up my stockpile of headbands with bows that Mabel out grew; there has GOT to be over a hundred in there!


I knew I had to share my love for Matilda Jane.  I know my best friend well enough to know she will not spend the money on Matilda…  But once she see’s what we picked out I will be shocked if she doesn’t give in and at least buy a used piece or two! Otherwise, Auntie Maggie will have to buy her an annual birthday dress!

seahorse dress.jpgOF COURSE, we had to wear our newest Matilda Jane in to pick out our new friend’s dress. Mabel is wearing the “Seahorse Cutie Dress” this dress is a little bit more expensive at $68.00. But, it’s another piece had been eyeing since it was released. As soon as I saw it was on sale I grabbed it without a thought of my budget! (opps)

By the time we got to the store Mable was sound asleep. Mama had to pick out the dress, but that is OK! As soon as Mabel saw it later she said… OOOOOOooooOOO,  That’s cute mama. (she has great taste!)

Here is what we I picked out;

Autumns dress again

This dress is “Daffodil Dress with Diaper Cover”. It was originally $46.00, but I got it 40% off!

I am not going to lie, if there would have been one in Mabel’s size I would have risked the lecture from my husband and bought her the matching dress.
Lucky for my budget there wasn’t one! 

(Update: received my shipping notice because I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute it would be for the babies to have matching future Bff dresses. Sooooo I watched my fb pages and found one, new with tags for a good price. Hopefully I will be home when the package arrives and NOT MY husband, although he will definitely notice when she wears it Saturday when we give her the gifts!) 

We will update you on how they like their gift!
We are so excited to share our obsession!
Have you discovered Matilda Jane yet?
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