Mabel’s Closet- Level up!

The worst thing to my budget just happened. A friend of mine introduced me to Platinum- By Matilda Jane. Seriously guys! If you have a little girl and love Matilda Jane you need to look it up!
Platinum are pieces from the designers at Matilda Jane. They only make a few quantities of each item and you never know when they will release more.  these are truly pieces of art! And depending on which item you buy it can cost you a pretty penny!

My friend added me to a Platinum Facebook group and I watched for a few days. I witnessed dresses and smocks going for 200+ dollars! (that’s crazy!)  Well, I started watching and learning and hoping to score a deal and re-sale, maybe then I could fund my obession for Mabels CLoset!  AND THEN it happened! I saw this pretty little dress! OMG!

I only paid $33.00 for this dress. And whoaza it is so sweet! Each Platinum piece has a number on the tag of how many of that style was made and what your piece’s number is. This dress is 13/14 which means only 14 of these were made and this was the 13th one made, making it pretty rare!

I can’t wait to get this and put it on my baby girl! Watch for a pic of Mabel wearing this beauty!


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