What am I watching

If you are like me you have certain shows or movies you can watch over and over and not get tired of them.
It drives my husband CRAZY!
One of my favorites was introduced to me a few years back when my friend and my brother-in-law was binge watching.  I can remember it just like it was yesterday! I had JUST had my third baby boy, and it was the the beginning of July and it was scolding hot out. So I perched myself right in front of our window unit, connected the newborn to the boob and watch it almost totally straight! All 7 seasons!  Since then I can not even count how many times I’ve re watched it.

The quotes are genius! They are smart, quick witted and for sure memorable!

I love all the characters, and get invest every time I watch even one show. Now that I have watched it a thousand times, I will sit down and watch one when I don’t want to think. It is nice to not have to really pay attention. I have my favorites I will watch when I am in certain moods.

There really is an episode for EVERY mood…

Did I need to laugh?

Am I in a falling in love type of mood?

Am I upset and hate everyone around me?

Feeling nostalgic?!

I love all the traditions they have. The town always has fun festivals and the GG’s (Gilmore Girls) always have certain rituals they make sure to do.

I just totally love it.

What is your favorite GG quote?

Really, I could pick on memorable quote from each episode… but I’ll spare you.
Here are few favorites!

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