It’s my birthday!

OK, it’s not today, but its this month!

Let’s just take a moment to realize it is officially my Birthday month! It doesn’t matter how old you get, birthdays are special. I have had a few issues with different birthdays, I’m thinking of you 21st and you 26th. This year will be added among though.
33. Thirty Three. 30 +3. 
Nope, not loving it.

So, in favor my 33rd birthday let’s do three lessons I have learned. Why only three? Why not 33 lessons? Because who has time for 33 lessons! I don’t, and I wouldn’t remember them anyway. Plus, my favorite number is three.

Intuition will never lead you down the wrong road.
It might take you on the rough road, but never the wrong one.

Just let go, and trust.

Always seek the good life. You only get one life, one day, one minute.
Don’t waste them being unhappy.
Seek Happy, Be grateful, Be humbled.
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