Healing Baltic Amber

Healing Baltic Amber

I discovered Amber when I was researching for natural teething remedies for my third son. I will admit, I was not totally sold on the idea but I figured I would give it a try. I bought three necklaces before I found one that was actually real amber. I was shocked how fast it worked! My son had NO issues teething, and actually he cut his molars without me even knowing!

At the time I had many friends and family that were pregnant or had babies so I decided to make a few and give them out as gifts. After I made all my gifts I still had a few necklaces left over so I decided to sell them on a facebook resale page. I sold out in minutes and actually I was having people message me like crazy to make them one as well. From then on I was know as “the amber lady”. I for sure never set out to be in the jewelry making business. but here I am!

What is amber and why does it work?

Amber is one of the most potent, natural substances that can rid us of most of our common ailments such as arthritis, anxiety, chronic illness and teething pain. Natural healing amber stones are an excellent pain relief for head, neck and throat areas, especially for congestion. Amber bracelets are highly effective for controlling the pain of rheumatism, arthritis, growing pains and aching muscles and joints. Baltic amber is also an anti-anxiety remedy that rids fatigue and weariness. In order to truly benefit from natural Baltic amber, you need to make certain that the amber touches some part of your body consistently. The reason for this is amber releases its natural oils into the body when it heats up from contact with our skin. The remarkable health benefits of amber are attributed to its unique ingredient, succinic acid.  Amber is fossilized tree saps mined from the Baltic sea. Scientific research on natural Baltic amber has contributed specific documentation in evidence of its healing powers. It has also been documented that wearing amber against the skin is the only proper way to absorb amber’s natural healing into our bodies. The minerals that make up amber work as a natural pain reliever.

Make sure when selecting amber that the bead is 100% raw Baltic amber. Since the rise of popularity of amber for teething necklaces there are many people trying to sell fake amber. If it is “cheap”, then question if the bead is real.  Most fake amber is actually plastic.

If you are having issues with pain or inflammation you should wear your bracelet on your left wrist. Our bodies natural flow of energy goes from our left to our right as this is the way our blood also circulates.  if you are needing the Amber for  bad circulation, stomach issues, anxiety or allergies wear the bracelet on your right wrist because the amber will act like a filter and pull it through your blood stream and help aid in the detoxing of your body.

Does it actually work?

I don’t have a degree in medicine; I have not done “official” research with graphs and tables. So as always make sure you check with your doctor to diagnose.

What I do know is I have used teething amber with my last two children and I swear by it! My last two babies teethed with no fevers, no drooling and no fussy crying. Actually they would cut teeth without me even knowing! It also has helped me a ton with my headaches.


Is it really safe for babies to wear a necklace?

Well, all I can say is it is as safe as the parental supervision. Just like all things, babies need to be supervised. There are so many bad things going around about babies being strangled by the necklaces, but how I look at it is, would you leave a baby unattended in a bath and then decide when the baby drowns that baths are dangerous and should be avoided? No, of course not; the same goes for necklaces. Take them off when they sleep; take them off if an adult is not going to be with them. It’s as simple as that. If they are in the middle of teething you can wrap it around their ankle under their sleeper instead. If you do co-sleep take it off if you are a deep sleeper, there is always a chance you could sleep through a problem. The safest way is to just take if off while sleeping.

Make sure when you buy your teething necklace that they are made with safety release clasps. Also make sure they are knotted in between each bead. When I make my necklaces I make sure they are made with thinner string and not really sturdy knots for the claps. I make them to break if too much pressure is put on the necklace. JUST IN CASE. Also, make sure they are not long enough that they can put it in their mouth. I t wont hurt them, but it has a higher chance of breaking and beads going in their mouths. Also the longer the necklace the higher the chance they can get tangled in the necklace.

Not only for babies!!

Amber is not just for teething, even though it is popular for teething. Amber has amazing benefits for kids, teens and adults as well! I have sold it to people for so many other ailments. The feedback I have gotten from people with everything from headaches to anxiety is overwhelming. I have families who use it for kids who need help focusing in school or have separation anxiety.  I have many people tell me when they feel a headache coming on they will put on a bracelet or necklace and it will start to help release the tension. Amber is good for inflammation; some people will wear it during and after an intense workout. I have a few clients who will wear it the week of a marathon or big athletic event. Right now my 9 year old is wearing his for growing pains! They really can be used for anything.

In conclusion, if you have not jumped on the band wagon yet, give in and try it. Feel free to comment and ask questions or share your experience!



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